Dolphins owner Stephen Ross responds to Brian Flores' allegations

In reaction to former head coach Brian Flores' charges made in a recent lawsuit, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross issued a statement Wednesday night saying he takes "great personal offence to these nasty attacks" and that "we will fully cooperate" with the NFL's expected inquiry.

The league is set to investigate allegations made by Flores in a complaint filed Tuesday in Manhattan federal court that Ross offered him $100,000 per loss during the 2019 season, according to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport.

"With regards to the allegations being made by Brian Flores, I am a man of honor and integrity and cannot let them stand without responding," Ross said in a statement obtained by NFL Network's Cameron Wolfe. "I take great personal exception to these malicious attacks, and the truth must be known. His allegations are false, malicious and defamatory. We understand there are media stating that the NFL intends to investigate his claims, and we will cooperate fully. I welcome that investigation and I am eager to defend my personal integrity, and the integrity and values of the entire Miami Dolphins organization, from these baseless, unfair and disparaging claims."

Flores, a Black man, sued the NFL and three of its teams, the Broncos, Dolphins, and Giants, alleging a history of racist hiring practises and racial discrimination by the league. According to the lawsuit, Ross promised Flores that he would pay him for every loss he had during the 2019 season, which was Flores' first with the team, in order for Miami to get the top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, which was eventually taken by the Cincinnati Bengals and used to select quarterback Joe Burrow.

Flores said his refusal to go along with Ross' plan affected his reputation within the company and "ultimately was the reason why I was let go" on CBS Mornings on Wednesday.

The Dolphins issued a statement Tuesday in response to the announcement of Flores' lawsuit, disputing the charges "any allegations of racial discrimination, and we are proud of our organization's diversity and inclusion. The notion that we acted in a way that jeopardised the game's integrity is wrong."

Flores was fired by the Miami Dolphins last month after leading the team to a 24-25 record in three years. They went 9-8 in 2021, their second consecutive winning season, but did not make the playoffs during his tenure.