It's time for the NFL Draft!

The NFL Draft has evolved from a low-key insider affair to a three-day television extravaganza that draws fans and companies from all over the world.

Quarterbacks may well rule the top half of this year's first-round on a scale we've never seen before, and many of tonight's top prospects are already establishing themselves as household names.


There's a lot of talk about quarterbacks ahead of this year's draft, but how many go in the first round and where they end up might surprise you.


Patrick Mahomes, the Super Bowl star, is reported to receive $7 million a year in endorsements, while Tom Brady is paid an estimated $12 million a year.


Trevor Lawrence, a former Clemson quarterback and the presumptive first-round pick is heading in that direction. Gatorade has already offered him a multi-year contract worth up to $2 million per year.


The most legendary plays of all time go to Peyton Manning as he shows he can still throw it deep.


Zach Wilson and Mac Jones have catapulted Joe Burrow from obscurity to a high draft selection.


Following a run-on quarterbacks with the first three picks, the top offensive linemen, wide receivers, and a unicorn tight end are expected to all make it into the top ten.


There are still no trade-ups available until the ninth round, at the earliest: According to Wilson's numerous mock draft, each team has a good chance of remaining in their current position until at least the ninth pick. That's a little later than the average NFL Draft.