NFL News and Notes: Wilson Wants Out?

There has been recent news around the league that Russell Wilson is furious at the Seahawks about his pass protection situation. Since 2016, Russell Wilson has been the most hit quarterback in the league, and he and his people are not happy about it.

More worrisome, however, is that this dates back to the last offseason. Since 2020, Wilson told the organization that he “just wanted to cook,” to use his immense skills to lead the Seahawks offense and the offense came out firing. However, Wilson continued to get hit and sacked all season, and the offense also became less risky, running the ball more and relying less on Wilson’s arm.

The Seahawks already fired their offensive coordinator after the end of season breakdown, but Wilson is not satisfied, and the Seahawks should be extremely worried right about now. News around the league is that multiple teams have contacted Seattle about the star quarterback.

Furthermore, there has been serious talk of the Las Vegas Raiders being a perfect fit for Wilson. Especially in a year of so many moving quarterbacks, traveling could be on Wilson’s mind, so the Seahawks should be doing everything they can to keep their star. He is the face of the franchise, so they need to get some linemen, and fast.

Titans, Steelers Front-Runners for Watt

The weekend's biggest news was that the Houston Texans released their biggest star ever, defensive end J.J. Watt, a three-time Defensive Player of the Year. But now, the race is on to see which contender can land the star and increase their chances of a ring.

There is plenty of hype around the Pittsburgh Steelers because both of Watt’s brothers, Derek and T.J., play there, and the siblings have always talked about playing together. The Steelers already have the top defense in the league, and J.J. Watt could only increase their power.

However, it is difficult to see where Watt could fit into the Pittsburgh defense. Pittsburgh's defensive line already features Cameron Hayward, T.J., and Stephen Tuitt, three Pro Bowl pass-rushers. Though J.J. would still be the most awarded of the three, he may want to remain the star elsewhere.

Because of this, the Tennessee Titans are an intriguing possibility. The Titans have a record-setting offense led by Derrick Henry but have not capitalized in the playoffs because of their lackluster defense. Watt could change all of that and put Tennessee right in contention for the Super Bowl.

The Titans already have one big name on the line, Jadeveon Clowney, who was Watt's teammate in Houston. Clowney has not excelled as the star of the line, but with Watt joining with and drawing more opponent focus, including double-teams, Clowney could take advantage and turn that line into a Super Bowl contending one. Only time will tell where Watt goes, but Tennessee should seriously look into the five-time Pro Bowler.