NFL News: The Quaterback Wheel of Fortune

The big news around the league lately has been the moving of star quarterbacks. Jared Goff and Mathew Stafford, two-star Pro Bowl QBs, were already involved in a trade and swapped spots. But besides them, there are 17 quarterbacks who are actually free agents, along with big names under contract like Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson. So here we will break down the biggest QBs that could be on the move and where they might go.

Dak Prescott:

Dak is the biggest name who is not actually under contract. After being franchise-tagged last season and breaking his ankle in Week 5, there is a lot of uncertainty around Prescott’s situation in Dallas. Ideally, Dak and Jerry Jones both want to find a contract solution that keeps Dak around long term, but it has become evident that Jones and the Cowboys are not thrilled about bringing out the Brinks truck for Dak.

And because they have not been able to reach an agreement, there have been floating rumors that the 49ers, the Patriots, and the Bears are monitoring the situation and are very interested in signing Dak. However, the situation immediately becomes less interesting once you realize that if the two sides can’t find a long-term deal, the Cowboys like Prescott so much that a second consecutive franchise tag could be on the table.

Jameis Winston:

Winston spent the entire season as Drew Brees’ backup, but when Brees actually went down for a few weeks, other Saints’ QB Taysom Hill took over, leaving Winston out in the cold. However, during the Saints’ playoff run, though Brees was the full-time starter, we did see Winston come in for one snap against the Bears and toss a 57-yard touchdown. Furthermore, right after his record-setting 30 interception season, Winston had Lasik eye surgery to fix his vision, so many believe that his eye problems caused his early troubles and that Winston in a starting job could now be lethal.

However, Sean Payton and the Saints have voiced that if Drew Brees does retire this season as everyone expects, the organization does want Winston to stay around and take the spot. But even so, team names like the Chicago Bears, the New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Washington Football Team have been thrown around and serious destinations who might be willing to offer more money to win the former number one pick over.

Carson Wentz:

There are some smaller name-free agent QBs still out there, and we have already talked about Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson, but beyond them, Carson Wentz is the biggest question mark still under contract, and he will almost definitely be leaving Philly. Additionally, the Philidelphia Eagles believe that they have hit the jackpot with rookie Jalen Hurts and are desperate to ship out Wentz and his $34 million cap hit next season.

So two main suitors have emerged. Again the Chicago Bears are looking into it because they want to replace Trubisky, but the Indianapolis Colts are also frontrunners. Philip Rivers retired this year, and Jacoby Brissett is a free agent, so the Colts believe that Wentz could be their long-term solution. And it very well could fix Wentz’s woes given the star O-line and weapons. Either way, we will possibly see double-digits of passers move around the league this year, so prepare for chaos.