Patrick Mahomes becomes fastest QB to 15,000 passing yards

If Patrick Mahomes' brilliance is ever overshadowed by the fact that he is consistently outstanding, the Kansas City Chiefs superstar quarterback gives up statistical milestones as a reminder of just how incredible he has been.

This was the case on the game on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers.

In his 49th career game, Mahomes became the fastest quarterback in NFL history to pass for 15,000 yards. On Sunday, he did it on a game-winning drive in the third quarter.

Kansas City would go on to lose 30-24, but Mahomes had 260 passing yards on the day, pushing his career total to 15,092.

Matthew Stafford held the previous record of 15,000 yards passing in 53 games, which was broken by the Chiefs quarterback with plenty of time to spare.

As impressive as the achievement is, it appeared to be a foregone conclusion as Week 3 began. On Sunday, the former AP NFL Most Valuable Player and Super Bowl MVP had 14,832 career passing yards and needed 168 more to reach 15,000 yards. Except for a game against the Broncos in Week 7 of 2019, when he was hurt, Mahomes has passed for more than 168 yards in every game he's played.

The 26-year-old is charging ahead at full speed, accumulating up accomplishments faster than anyone before him.