Patriots re-sign RB James White

The New England Patriots re-signed RB James White; he will get $2.5 million on a one-year deal, per ESPN's Adam Schefter.


Famously known as James Calvin "Sweet Feet", White played college football at Wisconsin and was picked by the Patriots in the fourth round back in the 2014NFL Draft.


James has been a member of three Super Bowl-winning teams in New England. In Super Bowl LI, he scored three touchdowns, including winning score in overtime. He also became the first and only player to score points in overtime during the Super Bowl and set some unique Super Bowl records for receptions with 14 and points scored with 20, including the first points ever scored in overtime in a Super Bowl.


The Patriots have checked out other running backs on the market, such as Leonard Fournette and Chris Carson. 


Leonard Fournette is still on the market — and could still end up with the New England Patriots in due course. But White has reinforced his return spot, even though the team is still exploring more options.


The2020 NFL season made for a challenging evaluation of White, a 29-year-oldpass-catching back. The offense was a total mess, which undoubtedly contributed to what seemed to be a regression for him as a pass protector and pass catcher(49 catches, 375 yards, 1 TDs.) 


White hasn't had it easy he, unfortunately, lost his father in a car accident, and because of the tragic incident, he missed some significant games and practice time. No doubt, there was a substantial psychological toll on the running back, but he has proceeded to show what an incredible NFL player he is.